Upgrade Your Cycling Experience: Transition from a 3-9 Gear Groupset to a 1-12 Gear Groupset

  1. Assess Compatibility: Ensure that your bike frame and components are compatible with a 1-12 gear groupset. Check factors such as frame spacing, bottom bracket type, and derailleur mounting points.

    I had a Cube with shimano XT 3-9 gear groupset and that works perfect with 1-12
  2. Research Components: Research and select the appropriate components for your upgrade. This includes a 1-12 speed cassette, rear derailleur, shifter, chain, and potentially a new crankset depending on compatibility.
  3. Purchase Components: Buy the chosen components from a reputable bike shop or online retailer. Ensure that all components are compatible with each other and with your bike frame.
  4. Prepare Your Bike: Remove the existing 3-9 gear groupset components from your bike. This may involve removing the rear wheel, cassette, derailleur, shifter, chain, and potentially the crankset.
  5. Install New Components: Install the new 1-12 gear groupset components onto your bike. Start with installing the cassette onto the rear wheel hub, followed by the rear derailleur, shifter, chain, and crankset if necessary.
  6. Adjust Derailleur: Adjust the new rear derailleur to ensure smooth shifting across all 12 gears. This may involve adjusting the cable tension and limit screws.
  7. Fine-Tuning: Fine-tune the shifting performance by testing the gears and making any necessary adjustments to cable tension or derailleur alignment.
  8. Test Ride: Take your bike for a test ride to ensure that the new 1-12 gear groupset is functioning properly and that you’re satisfied with the performance.
  9. Maintenance: Regularly maintain your new gear groupset by cleaning and lubricating the components, as well as periodically checking for wear and tear.

I bought this Sram set: https://www.bike-discount.de/en/sram-nx-eagle-dub-12-speed-group-11-50t-boost-175mm?number=20114148&__delivery=7&__currency=1&gad_source=1
I have used it for 2 years and it works perfect for the price

I needed a bottom bracket so tjeck the size of the crank. You need to buy one that fits: 1 NX Eagle “DUB” 12-speed Boost Crankset 32T and your bike

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